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Google Nest Audio - Smart Speaker with Google Assistant - Chalk

Google Nest Audio - Smart Speaker with Google Assistant - Chalk

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Actual Color
Designed to protect your privacy.
Nest Audio comes with privacy built in. You can delete your Assistant history by saying . “Hey Google . delete what I just said.” Or to turn off the mic . just use the switch on the back.

It's all about sound.
Just say . "Hey Google . play some music ." and crisp vocals and powerful bass fill the room. Nest Audio adapts to your environment and whatever you're listening to . so music sounds better.

Music here. Music there. Music everywhere.
Create a home audio system that fills your home with sound.* Nest Audio works together with your other Nest speakers and displays . Chromecast-enabled devices . or compatible speakers. And it's easy to set up.

Connect with family and friends.
Nest Audio helps you stay in touch. Just say . “Hey Google” to broadcast messages on every Nest speaker and display in the house. Use your Nest speakers as an intercom and chat from room to room. And make audio calls with Duo.***

Huge help around the house.
You can say things like . "Hey Google . what's the weather this weekend?" Ask Google about the news or sports scores. Hear your schedule.** Make calls.*** And set timers and alarms. Even turn on the lights or turn up the heat.**** All with your voice.

Thoughtfully designed. Environmentally sound.
Inspired by your home . Nest Audio's colors . size . and shape fit beautifully into any room. It's also designed with the environment in mind.

*Compatible smart devices required.

**Personalized features required additional enrollment and set up . for up to six users.

***To make calls . you and the person your calling must both have a Google Duo account.

****Compatible smart lights or smart thermostat required.
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